We are very excited to share the results of our annual summer camp survey. To begin, we were thrilled that the response rate for this past summer's survey increased 33% from 2016.

  • 90% felt this summer's camps were superior compared to prior Pro Crease summer camps
  • 99% felt the ratio of coaches to students worked well
  • 98% felt the caliber of coaching was excellent
  • 94% felt the cost of the camp was very fair
  • Most rewarding was that 100% of the respondents said they would recommend PCG summer camps to others and 99% said they planned to return to a PCG summer camp in 2018. 



"The overall experience was awesome.  Our son said it was the best camp he's ever attended.  As a young high school goalie it was very beneficial for him to see other goalies at the very highest levels, including professional goalies, putting in their work/training and doing the same drills he was doing as well as receiving the same training.  I would have some of the professional goalies that attend the camp come out in pads during the on ice instruction of the younger goalies and demonstrate some of the techniques being taught by the instructors."

- John Lewis - West Hartford, CT

"Would love to see a progression chart from previous camps as well as a report card for strengths and weaknesses as well as be able to have more communication from the instructors at drop off and pick up."

- Brendan McCollam - Newtown, CT

"My son is the goalie he is because of PCG. The caliber of coaching is superior to any other program."

- William McDougall - Wethersfield, CT

"It was a wonderful and cost-efficient camp. It was a wealth of knowledge and gave my daughter a lot of different views to see what works best for her."

- Eric Burlingame - Ithaca, NY

"Hands-down this was the best money I have spent on anything hockey-related for my kids. Loved the format, ratios, attitude, and approach. Will certainly do again."

- Isaac Doty - Newington, CT

"Very happy with overall drills and techniques that are implemented with the young goaltenders. I love that drills are kept simple, but the kids are always engaged."

- Trace Therrien - Meriden, CT

"This camp is the highlight of my son's summer, with two ice sessions daily, he gets to practice skills that are taught to him and further get reinforced by the hands-on coaching staff.  The coaches and staff all seem to know the goalies and have a good rapport with them making it a fun and enjoyable atmosphere." 

- Rachel Rosado - Raleigh, NC

"Excellent camp, great instructors, son walked out with many new skills and greater level of confidence which has carried over into regular season."

- Graeme Fattetdad - Greenwich, CT

"The summer all-girls camp was awesome and Morgan will definitely do it again if it's offered."

- Michelle Dall - Greenwich, CT

Our thanks again to all those who responded. We will review all comments and, where practical, integrate suggestions and those comments into our teaching and training protocols.