Tips on the Purchase of Your Next Leg Pads

-  The Goalie Room at Wesco Sports Center

- The Goalie Room at Wesco Sports Center


This time of year, many goaltenders and their families are asking questions regarding the purchase of new equipment, specifically leg pads. Most of these questions are regarding size and style. Purchasing leg pads in person at an experienced retailer like Wesco Sports Center versus an online website will insure proper fit and the right pads.

Nick Niedert, Wesco's Goalie Room Manager, says there are 3 key things to consider when purchasing new leg pads:

Key #1 is proper sizing. There is a fine line between having enough room to grow and the pad being too big. Where the goaltender's knee falls in the pad and the thigh rise of the pad are equally important. The relationship of how those two components fit each goaltender will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Key #2 is the stiffness of the pad. Pad stiffness can have a great impact on a goaltender's butterfly. For example, if a goaltender is less flexible then a softer pad may be best.  Goaltenders can read on manufacturer's websites all about the stiffness of a pad but how that pad actually fits and feels is much different. 

Key #3 is the strapping system. Manufacturers today offer a number of different strapping systems with each one being slightly different from the other. The ease of the strapping system when you purchase new leg pads is critical to determine what is most comfortable for your own comfort.

Vaughn, Pro Crease Goaltending's official on-ice supplier, offers a range of leg pad styles that address the key points raised above. Let the experts at Wesco Sports show you what's best for your specific needs. Wesco Sports is conveniently located right off I-84 at 270 Federal Road in Brookfield, CT.