Coaching Development at NARCE


This past week I attended the North American Rink Conference and Expo (NARCE) in Columbus, OH. Along with a great deal of education and skills presented, I was also able to secure  my USA Hockey Level 4 Certification as well as the Certification to be a USA Hockey approved Hockey Director.

By obtaining these advanced credentials, I also received advanced training on how best to structure the development specific to each goalie based upon their individual mental and physical capacities. The biggest impact from this experience will come for Pro Crease Goaltending Summer Camp attendees during our off-ice training. The off-ice curriculum taught at NARCE was extremely innovative and we will be able to pass that along to our goaltenders of all ages and abilities. Developing suppleness, speed, stamina, skills and strength will greatly benefit every goaltender no matter their age. Finally, learning what goal scorers are trying to implement in todays' evolving game will help keep Pro Crease Goaltenders ahead of the curve in our approach to the position.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have attended NARCE and look forward to passing on this newfound knowledge to all Pro Crease Goaltenders.

- Jared Waimon