Mini - Camps to Engage the Mental Side of the Position


Dr. Jason Emery, Sports & Performance Psychology consultant will speak at each of the Pro Crease Goaltending Mini - Camps. 

Dr. Jason Emery, a Connecticut-based Licensed Clinical Psychologist, consults with local, regional and national athletes and sports organizations in the area of Sports & Performance Psychology. Dr. Emery also brings his lifelong hockey playing and coaching experience to help athletes, parents, and coaches maximize individual and team performance, while simultaneously attending to the well-being of each athlete, family, team and organization.  

Over the course of the mini-camp schedule, Dr. Emery will present on the foundational mental skills and performance enhancement techniques at developmentally appropriate levels.  Topics will include reinforcing the importance of the mental and emotional sides of the game, developing your "reset" button, creating individualized practice and performance goals, discovering "flow" and your optimal level of performance tension, teaching growth mindset strategies, practicing mind & body awareness and mindfulness, and introducing mental rehearsal and visualization skills.  Players will have an introductory understanding of empirically-validated skills and strategies they can practice and apply in order to increase their confidence and play at their best!  s

Dr. Emery is the founder of Northeast Psych. LLC. Follow Dr. Emery on Twitter by clicking below

Dr. Jason Emery

Dr. Jason Emery