Welcome Sign Pro!


Pro Crease Goaltending is proud to announce that Sign Pro, located in nearby Plantsville, CT, has become our newest corporate partner. A worldwide provider of signs for over 25 years, we're excited to report that Sign Pro has recently entered the goalie mask decoration business (see sample below). As more and more goalies look to personalize their masks, the high cost and time associated with painting and/or other finishing can often be difficult to overcome. Instead, Sign Pro's graphics department will work with Pro Crease clients to design their exclusive mask and then utilize a 3M graphic wrap to affix to the helmet. The result, as per the photos below, is a beautiful, customized mask with the look and feel of paint minus the cost and time involvement. 

Several benefits of this process include not only time and cost but also the ability to change-out mask designs without having to purchase a new helmet.

Pro Crease Goaltending owner/founder Jared Waimon says "We are very often approached by students seeking how and/or where to get their masks decorated. Sign Pro's customization process is cost-effective and looks fantastic. We're confident their commitment to outstanding customer service and product expertise is on par with that of our own."

"Sign Pro is proud to partner with Pro Crease." Says Pete Rappoccio, Owner/Sign Pro. "Innovation is a major part of Sign Pro's belief system. If you are not cutting edge, you are behind the curve. Pro Crease shares the same values. For this reason, the Sign Pro and Pro Crease brands are a complementary match."

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