Gnan Does it All!


Pro Crease Goaltending is very excited to announce that Air Force Academy's John Gnan was named an Americn College Hockey Association (ACHA) 2nd Team All American. John finished the season with an astounding 17-2-2 record!

John commitment to his game is only second to his academic prowess and his commitment to our country. John serves on the Academy's Honor Committee and in that capacity oversees honor cases for 1,000 Air Force cadets. This fall he will ascend to C1C - Group Honor Officer.

Air Force's ACHA team plays a highly competitive schedule against the likes of the University of Northern Colorado, University of Wyoming and the University of Denver. The ACHA provides a competitive path for hockey players to continue playing through college while not compromising  academic and career goals. Pro Crease Goaltending is proud of all our ACHA goaltenders. They are all playing college hockey with passion and a continued desire to compete, excel and achieve.

We salute you John and feel fortunate to call you one of our own!