"Goaltending, weaponized: How the next generation of goalies is ready to dominate"

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Pro Crease Goaltending was recently featured in The Athletic, a subscription-based sports news website that provides national and local coverage of professional and college sports. The author, Boston Bruins' beat writer Fluto Shinzawa, provided a unique perspective to the article: he attended a Pro Crease training session on skates!

With an emphasis on how today's emerging goaltenders are being trained, the article features Pro Crease owner/founder Jared Waimon, director of instruction Matt Michno, AHL veteran Scott Munroe and sports psychologist Jason Emery. See the following excerpts; the entire article is available via the link below.

  • "A warning to shooters: You are in trouble: The next wave of goalies is approaching. They are equipped with tools granted to no other generation"

  • Meanwhile, NHL teams are learning that sky-scraping size is no longer a priority. Shorter goalies once bypassed without a second thought are now given proper consideration. The result: a deeper pool of smart, technical, athletic and confident goalies.

  • It's why goalie coaches like Waimon have turned their teaching manuals upside down. Stay up, they say. Shuffle, don't slide. Think through the game instead of executing pre-programmed technique.

  • The psychologist's talk is about fortifying the muscle that is regularly under attack from bad goals, surging crowd noise, teammates' misplays and equipment malfunctions. The trick for every goalie is to maintain performance when things go sideways."It's not a trait you're born with. It's just not," Emery tells the students. "Anybody can develop this. It is a process.

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