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"As our goaltending coach, Jared Waimon brings a keen understanding of what it takes to be a successful goalie. Whether it be his on-ice technical knowledge or his ability to pass along the all important off-ice mental piece, Jared is a key member of our coaching staff and responsible for the excellent goaltending we've had since he joined our staff three years ago"

  - Rand Pecknold, Quinnipiac University Head Hockey Coach; 2016 NCAA & ECAC Ice Hockey Coach of the Year

"Pro Crease Goaltending Camps helped me prepare and perform while I played at Harvard and they helped lay the foundation that I am using to play professionally today"

 - Steve Michalek, Pro Crease Goaltending client since 2006;   2011 Minnesota Wild draftee

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Each mini camp will include nearly two and half hours of on-ice time in an amazing 2:1 goaltender to coach ratio and two unique video sessions.

This year, each camp will feature a special session led by Sports & Performance Psychology Coach Dr. Jason Emery! Dr. Emery is one of the top sports psychologists in Connecticut and has now fully turned his practice to working with athletes, specifically hockey players, to help reach their optimal performance.


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